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Pregnancy outcomes and violence among early married Jordanian and Syrian Refugees women in Jordan (2017)
Karimeh Mousa Alnuaimi
The Linguistic Aspects of the Speech of Jordanian People who Stutter (2017)
A Comparison of Different Digestion Methods for the Determination of Selected Heavy Metals in Street Dust Samples from Irbid Area /Northern part of Jordan (2017)
Ahmad Adel-Rahman Gharaibeh
The Impact of Using Crumb Tire Rubber, Synthetic Wax, and Nano Silica Modifiers on Asphalt Binder Rheology (2017)
Aslam Ali Alomari
A Clinical Study on the Learning Curves of Prosthodontic Residents Over the Use of Intra Oral Scanner (2017)
Khaled Qasem Al Hamad