Procedure/Activity DateProcedure/ActivityNotes
Sunday 2018/06/03 Beginning of Academic semester for faculty members 
Thursday 2018/06/07 Deadline for electronically approving pleas for make up exams of last semester's final exams by the deans 
Saturday 2018/06/09 His Majesty King Abdullah II accession to the throne  
Sunday - Thursday 06/10 - 2018/06/14 Period of withdrawal of courses with reimbursement of tuition fees 
Sunday 2018/06/10 Late registration fees will apply for students who haven't paid their course fees by the deadline and for late registration excluded) 
Sunday 2018/06/10 Beginning of classes 
Sunday 2018/06/10 Army & Arab Revolution Memorial Day  
Tuesday 2018/06/12 Deadline for electronically identifying exams to be conducted Online 
Thursday 2018/06/14 Deadline for running incomplete exams 
Thursday 2018/06/14 Last day to formulate the schedules of the first, second, mid, and final exams 
Friday - Monday 06/15 - 2018/06/18 Eid El-Fitr, Holiday "30 Ramadan"4 days holiday
Saturday 2018/06/16 Last day to elecronically approve incomplete exams grades by instructors 
Sunday 2018/06/17 Last day to elecronically approve incomplete exams grades by heads of departments 
Monday 2018/06/18 Last day to elecronically approve and submit incomplete exams grades by deans to the Admission & Registration Unit 
Thursday 2018/06/21 Deadline for submitting applications for excemption from current semester registration requirements by undergraduate students 
Thursday - Tuesday 06/21 - 2018/06/26 Graduation week 
Saturday 2018/06/23 Deadline for making changes on the current semester course schedule by the academic departments 
Saturday - Saturday 06/23 - 2018/06/30 First Examination Period7 days
Sunday 2018/06/24 Release of the course schedule template of the upcoming semester on the website, and formulating course-related statistics (including the number of students expected to register) 
Sunday - Thursday 06/24 - 2018/07/12 Period for uploading the course schedule of the upcoming semester by the academic departments 
Sunday - Saturday 07/01 - 2018/07/07 Mid-term examination period6 days
Thursday 2018/07/12 Deadline for inserting departments and faculty meetings dates electronically. 
Thursday 2018/07/12 Deadline for inserting office hours by faculty members electronically. 
Saturday - Saturday 07/14 - 2018/07/21 Second Examination Period7 days
Thursday 2018/07/19 Deadline for submitting a request for grade review and grade change procedures of the previous semester 
Thursday 2018/07/26 Deadline of withdrawal from the university for undergraduate students registered in the current semester 
Thursday 2018/07/26 Deadline for submitting and posting the pre-final grades 
Friday 2018/07/27 Last day of courses withdrawal (without reimbursement of tuition fees) 
Saturday - Saturday 07/28 - 2018/08/04 Final Examination Period (Paper- based and computer-based exams)7 days
Sunday 2018/07/29 Release of the upcoming semester course schedule on the website 
Thursday 2018/08/02 Last day for concordancing of courses within the university for students who had transferred on the previous semester. 
Sunday - Thursday 08/05 - 2018/09/13 Students' Inter- semesters vacation 
Tuesday 2018/08/07 Deadline for electronically submitting and approving final exam grades by instructors  
Wednesday 2018/08/08 Deadline for electronically submitting and approving final exam grades by departments heads 
Thursday 2018/08/09 Deadline for electronically submitting and approving final grades by faculty deans 
Thursday 2018/08/09 Release of final exam grades and students' GPAs on the website 
Sunday 2018/08/12 Issue of student card 
Monday 2018/08/13 Submission of electronic applications for grade review and grade change of the current semester by students and instructors 
Monday 2018/08/13 Beginning of electronic 'incomplete' procedure 
Sunday - Saturday 08/19 - 2018/09/22 Period of packages selection for medicine & dentistry undergraduate students 
Monday - Friday 08/20 - 2018/08/24 Eid Al- Adha, Holiday "9 Thu alHijja"5 days holiday
Thursday 2018/08/23 Deadline for academic counseling to students who intend to register for the following semester 
Sunday 2018/08/26 Beginning of registration for the upcoming semester (activiation of registration link on the university website) 
Sunday - Thursday 08/26 - 2018/09/20 Period of electronically building packages for undergraduate medicine & dentistry students 
Sunday - Thursday 08/26 - 2018/09/20 Period of addition and dropping of courses for the next semester  
Monday - Thursday 08/27 - 2018/09/20 Period of adding students to sections through the head departments. 
Monday - Thursday 08/27 - 2018/09/27 Period of adding students to sections through the deans 
Sunday 2018/09/02 Beginning of faculty members' vacation1 week
Tuesday 2018/09/11 New Hijri Year's Day "1 Muharram"Holiday
Total Lectures: 26
Total Semester Weeks: 8
Total Semester Holidays: 2
Total instructor vacation weeks during the year: 3
Note: Class duration (1.30)hour Number of working days 4 days (sun - Wednesday) Thursday is assigned to hold the boards of faculties and departments and hold examinations according to the dean?s council decision.